Our programming provides artists with a lived experience of homelessness stipends, meals, transportation, amazing cultural experiences, and platforms for their own art. Through Red Line Service programs and events, participants:

  • Engage with highly regarded visual artists, art historians, curators, filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, and other cultural workers;
  • Sharpen their own art, writing, and music expertise in workshops with renowned practicing artists;
  • Present their own art to a broader public through publications, events, exhibitions, and performances; and
  • Build a thriving, loving community.

The impacts of our shared experiences are felt on an individual level and contribute more broadly to a change in lived relations that shapes the larger society. Together, we:

  • De-stigmatize homelessness;
  • Decrease social isolation;
  • Develop a sense of belonging and social cohesion;
  • Provide channels for talent to be recognized, appreciated, and enjoyed; and
  • Build new support structures and reduce society's reliance on charity.

Beyond the importance meeting basic needs, our programming is based on current research, which shows that a sense of personal well-being and social connectedness are critical to securing and retaining housing. Check out the Jigsaw of Homeless Support created by our friends at Arts & Homelessness International (formerly With One Voice). With your help, we can provide more than emergency services. We can fundamentally reshape society into a deeply connected community of care.