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Join us in the garden for an exhilarating program designed by Red Line Service, Cabinet of Curiosity, and Uptown Chamber of Commerce. Be dazzled by special guests, Rogue fire dancers.

  • Date: 5/18/2024 11:00 AM - 5/18/2024 02:00 PM
  • Location 4628 N Winthrop Ave, Chicago, IL 60640, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Winthrop Family Historical Garden


Join us for a family-friendly, spectacular program that celebrates the seeds of fire – the passion within every person – to transform the world into a space of joy and love through creativity, laughter, and their own individual flame. Watch fire-dancing by ROGUE fire dancers; make “fire”torches; bake bread in a fire oven; plant seeds; create pinwheels, and make bubbles by using nothing but wind, generated by you pedaling a stationary bike; share food and refreshments and Uptown friendship. 

Where better to grow love and deepen bonds than the Winthrop Family Historical Garden. Founded on the experiences of Black families who used their passion to transform a painful past into this space of joy and love. For more information on the Winthrop Family: